Contract Project Solutions

A Consultancy Partnership Service without the price tag. MHC

MHC Projects works with you to deliver your EngineeringIT and Technology Projects for a pre-agreed fixed price. We have the flexibility to take as much or as little control as you want.


A true partnership that drives business efficiency and delivers the required outcomes.

  • Consultants who understand your business challenges and will tailor the right support.
  • Access to in-depth experience in solving challenges like yours.
  • Processes and services that offer fast mobilisation, while saving you money and time.

Reduce the time to hire / project deployment

Access to the best talent in the market, delivered by our Engineering / Technology aligned consultants 

Track record of deliver.

Shared commitment with a client, creating mutual accountability around delivering results.

Taking the headache away – We would be the determining body in the chain. Click here to learn more

  1. Statement of Work (SOW) Created 
  2. We review SOW and confirm availability
  3. Pricing and proposed delivery solution
  4. You sign and accept our quote and raise a purchase order
  5. Project Initiation
  6. Delivery and Milestone Reviews
  7. Project Completion and sign off review
  8. After service support and map future project work

For when you need help delivering your projects but want to retain some control and oversight. 

This co-managed solution allows you to deliver your projects in partnership with MHC Projects, from planning, through execution, to completion. 

If you don’t have the time or capacity to manage or deliver your projects, we can work on-site with you to support the business locally.

For when you need to access skills and technology to deliver a project. We put the project team in place; working from our offices or remotely, managed by MHC Projects.

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